one of those layouts


krazy katie, originally uploaded by gypsykate.

ever had one of those layouts that just wont come together? i started working on a layout last night using this photo and the flowers i got from the monthly swap at the Scrapbook Essentials forum and do you think anything would fall into place? no matter what i did it just didnt look right, i tried alsorts of techniques from the tried and true to the bizzare and out there and everything in between and nothing worked. talk about frustrating. in the end i left the last attempt laid out on my desk with nothing stuck down, just laid out for me to mull over later today. and of course what happened in the middle of the night, i came up with all these ideas, but since i refuse to get up and work on projects in the small hours by the time i woke this morning i forgot all my good ideas lol.

i will get back to it later and hopefully it will fall into place this time. meantime i have to move it, we have the carpet cleaner coming later and we need to move everything out of the lounge and find somewhere to put it all. and then take Steve into town to get his school books. its sunday again sigh, i want to go back to bed lol.

i will post the layout when i finally get it finished. meanwhile, time to get off the computer and into life sigh….whatever happen to the day of rest?


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