my scrap space.

FEB 2 001, originally uploaded by gypsykate.

this is my present scrap space, in reality its the entrance way for the unused front door. its very cramped and has no natural light or venilation which makes it to hot to work in most of the time and theres no door and Katie has discovered it, fun for her but not for me constantly chasing her and rescueing things from her busy little hands.
in just a few more weeks i will move across the hallway to what is presently Katies little bedroom, not big enough for her but definitly a vast improvement on what i am using now. and once the shelves go up and i get everything else organised its going to be bliss! i will even have room to set up the computer speakers and maybe my wee tv. and best of all, it has a door that can be closed against little miss busy fingers!


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