scrapbook room

i’m gathering ideas for organising my scrapbook room which i move into in about 2 weeks. i want to be super organised before i move in and have all my stash sorted and a place for it all so i just have to put it where it belongs. i’m going to start collecting jars and baskets because i want everything on display so i can see what i have and actually use some of it instead of hoarding it lol. i am the worst hoarder, i get all this stuff and spend more time looking at it than using it.

at the moment i am just deciding what to use to hold my papers, i have a wire rack but  i dont want anything at floor level, i cant kneel thanks to the RA and Katie is at that get into everything stage so i want everything out of her reach. maybe i can mount them on the wall some how. hmmm will need to work on that.

the other day i brought shelves to go on the wall that are nice and narrow so nothing gets pushed to the back and lost and i will use the jars and baskets on there as well as the two sets of nuts and bolts drawers i have my brads, eyelets and rivets in. though i am going to transfer the funky brads into jars so i can see them. 

i have posted a thread on my favourite forum and the ladies there are awesome and a great help. the thread can be found at have a look.

i will post photos when i get it done. meantime i am off to watch CSI. laters


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