chipboard and bling

my latest obsession is chipboard and bling. not always together but be it glitter or rinestone i am in love with the bling thing….oh and florals, big heidi swapp florals in pinks and whites and every other colour. i found i can paint them and dye them and do all sorts and they look great. i will have to take pictures of my latest layouts and post them. i have to admite i have done more scrapbook shopping than scrapbooking lately but that is mainly due to my health which though improved its far from excellent, today was a bad day, hopefully tomorrow will be better since its my birthday and all. not that i take much notice of birthdays….the closer i get to 40 the more i ignore them lol, only 2 years to go. scary! anyway my hands are giving me hell the last few days but that didnt stop me popping down to the local scrapbook shop in richmond and picking up some making memories foam stamps, and i want to play lol…they are awesome monogram size alphas and are going to look so great on some of the layouts i am planning. i have an interesting idea for a layout about Steven, hes got so tall and i have some great photos taken from the floor looking up at him that i want to use before he gets home from my sisters on monday. hes been gone for a week and as much as its good for him to be with his cousins i miss him like crazy. hes always so cheerful and happy. not something you hear about a teenager very often is it? lol.

ok bedtime for me, Katie has had her 9.30 bottle and shouldnt want another one until at least 2am HOPEFULLY, this is me not holding my breath lol.


One thought on “chipboard and bling

  1. Karen says:

    Hope you had a great birthday. I dumped my birthdays after 40. And I immediately stopped getting any older. Never underestimate the power of denial.

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