around the block

i have been searching the net looking for a site in New Zealand that has around the block products and i cant find one sigh, i want to get my hands on some of the funky stuff this brand has, looks like i may have to pull out the credit card and order them from aussie or even the states. like i havent spent enough on scrapbooking lately, i’ve gone a little mad actually, brought ink pad set that has 30 ink pads and 15 brush tip pens, that cost me a fortune and the 17 jars of embossing powder and all the queen and co stuff….hmmm well….think its time i started using the stuff instead of just buying and buying, i am getting back into scrapbooking now that the RA is getting under control.

i went to the specialist today, David Porter, hes an awesome doctor and funny too. the RA is coming under control, and i get to cut out one of the main pills i am on, and its a big one that causes all the side effects which have been bringing me down, especially the mood swings and the weight gain. and the tiredness and the sleeplessness.

anyway talk about tiredness, think i might go to bed. if i get a decent sleep i might be up to scrapbooking tomorrow and use some of the new goodies i have lol. i have the funkiest queen and co stuff to play with! i loveeeee queen and co!


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