my voice is back

thank god, my voice came back on saturday, its croaky and weak and i lose it if i talk much but at least its there. Katie isnt sure if she likes my new voice but shes happy i can sing to her again. and i am just happy that i am slowly getting back to at least semi normal. i will never be 100% but at least i am not in constant pain any more though i still have some bad days at least i know not to over do it and to rest when i need to.

and i can scrapbook again! i spent yesterday afternoon scrapbooking and managed 2 pages. and i have almost finished one canvas and have 3 more planned. Katie is in love with the camera, she plays for it the moment it comes out and yells if it isnt pointed at her lol. good for me though, i got some great shots with my new camera over the weekend. since Jodi decided he doesnt want to be a photographer any more and still owed me for the very very expensive camera i brought him last year i have taken the camera and decided to learn how to use it properly instead of just doing snapshots.

anyway best i get moving, i havent even got dressed yet. more later


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