a diagnosis at last

well the dr’s have finally told me whats wrong with me. i have rhematoid arthritis. its kinda of thrown me a bit to be honest. i only found out this morning so i dont think its really its sunk in. but at least now i know whats wrong and what can be done to fix it. i will have to live with this for the rest of my life but its managable. i have a mountain of pills to take and will have to have blood tests once a week for a while to make sure the pills are doing what they should and once a month i will need to see the specialist whos really nice even if he did hurt my poor hands today, sod! i told him i was going to smack him one and he just laughed and said he knew i couldnt make a fist so he was safe lol. anyway thats whats going on and now i need to quit typing cos my fingers are sore and anyway i have to go for a massage, see there are perks to this dieseas lol, i’m going to be getting massages to help my shoulders and neck loosen up and help with pain management. i’m looking forward being able to go swimming in a few weeks which will be fantastic.

ok gotta go, fingers swelling.


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