where i’ve been

its been awhile and with good reason. for the last 3 weeks or more i have been sicker than i can ever remeber being. i’ve had influenza B which is one of those lovely killer flu’s that go around. but to make life even more wonderful i had the added complication of poly arthritis which has attached all my joints and made the slightest movement as painful as hell. oh and i’ve also got laryngitis which means i cant even moan about how miserible i feel 🙂

i am slowly recovering but its to be a long hard road. i got out of hospital yesterday after 3 days of tests and poked and proded i was so glad to get home, esp sincce Katie has a stomach bug and needed me…lest i thought she it did but she only wants her nan 😦 i’ve had to give up brestfeeding  bbut at least she takes a bottle from mum.

well time i got some more sleep bb4n


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