yip its monday again

monday morning, the sun is shining, its not yet 10.30 and i have just put Katie down for her morning nap…i’m running ahead of schedule this morning…well sort of…housework hasnt been done yet but i decided to treat myself to a hot cup of tea and a ciggie and some sunshine first. so i am sitting outside, having found a spot where i can actually see the screen of my laptop without the sun glaring on it and am enjoying the sun on my back while i think of something inspiring to write lol….yea well thats not going to happen.

so i was just making my bed and contemplating the last time i spent a full night in it….hasnt happened in over 9 month now but one day it might…or is that one night? i was also trying to remeber the last time i had someone in it….hmmmmm cant think that far back lol….the joys of being single….at least i dont get anyone hogging the blankets or snoring….actually i miss Chris snoring in my ear…its been 2 years since i heard that noise….where has the last 2 years gone? its been 2 weeks since the anniversary of his death which i handled better than i expected…in some ways it doesnt seem like 2 years and in others it seems like a lot longer…so much has happened and i am in an entirely different space now….not to mention an entirely different island. but i still miss him….i suppose i always will.

on a happier note…i am determine to put the past behind me so i am not going to dwell…..so this weekend i actually managed to get 3 layouts completed and a 4th started…how good am i? i have set myself a goal of getting Katies 2nd scrapbook finished before the end of the month….i have 11 layouts to go not counting the one i am working on now…its do able and i took some great photos of the kids in the playground yesterday…the first photos i have of all 3 of them since easter. but why does Steve always have his eyes closed or a weird look on his face when i take photos of him? because hes 14 i geuss…i dont mind 14…its not a bad age but 17…yukkkk….Jodi is going through the “i know everything and you cant tell me what to do” stage….gawd help me…its easier just to keep my mouth shut and let him fall on his own butt…as i have said to myself right through all these stages of the boys lives…”this too will pass” and he will come out the other end of it and be my sweet Jodi again….the sooner the better but its not going to happen over night….a few weeks ago he told me he was engaged to his long time on again off again girlfriend from Naki, and wondered why i didnt take him seriously! strange that…shes there….hes here and hes 17….need i say more? i love char to bits…shes like the teenage daughter i never wanted but those 2 together…..well typical teenage romance really….one mintue their madly in love the next they cant stand each other…so no i am not taking the whole engagement thing seriously at all. oh and now Steve’s got a girlfriend….what did i do to deserve two such irrestible sons? hahaha….girls love them….either i have done something right or something dreadfully wrong when i raised them…..at least they respect the girls and dont treat them like dirt like most boys their age. so i must have done something right there.

anyway thats nearly 15 mintues of solid typing…time to drink my tea…read my emails and smoke my ciggie before i go play the domestic goddess lol…a mothers life…endless cleaning, washing and running around….when Katie wakes i have to go do the shopping AGAIN…oh man i grocery stores! wish me luck!


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