where did it go???

did anyone see where the weekend went? here it is Monday again and i havent had a weekend yet…well maybe it i did but it disappeared pretty quick. on the upside i managed to get some gardening done…now anyone that knows me knows i dont do gardens but something in the sunshine and the new house brought it out in me…i had to trim the lavender bush outside my bedroom window before i couldnt open my window at all…and from there i just went a little insane…now several bushes are trimmed, roses are cut back, possibly for the first time since they were planted and weeds are pulled…omg how scary is that???? and the house is spotless, the washing is up to date…not folded but hey we cant ask to much can we? and now i am looking around thinking wth am i gonna do today? Katie is almost due for a sleep after desimating her morning toast, shes sitting in her highchair next to me trying with all her wee mite to get her vegimite covered fingers on the laptop..thats my girl…a mini geek in training…she loves the laptop, my cellphone and her brothers xbox…anything that she can push buttons and makes a noise…lol…wonder where i can get her a toy laptop from??? hmmm now theres a thought. so my first week home alone wasnt nearly as bad as i thought it would be…except Katie decided to give up sleeping for a couple of nights…joy joy joy….she gave up sleeping in favour of screaming and keeping me awake til all hours…nice..NOT!..but after a wee talk to her plunket nurse and some very tough love shes back on track now TG! i couldnt have taken much more of sleepless nights and the screaming…this is one time when being on your own is really hard but the boys have been great and even my big brother offered to take her for an afternoon on saturday….unfortunately he was late picking her up and she fell asleep on my knee so i put her to bed and told him not to worry about it lol…i think he was relieved lol….he loves his neice but doesnt do babies…his have grown up and hes looking forward to grandkids eventually. talking about grandkids….i was talking to my other brother (i have 3) the other night and we decided since he is now a grandad and his grandbaby will be calling him Koko and thats what all dads grandkids call him that Tayliyah will have to call dad koko-nui which basiclly translates as big grandad lol….how cute is that? now she has koko (grandfather) and koko-nui (big grandfather) which will save a lot of confusion since Katie is only 8 months older than my wee grand niece and she will call Dad Koko when she can talk (if shes anything like her cousins and brothers it will gorgor for the first few years lol) well best go…Katie needs sleep and is bored now lol…..have a great monday one and all


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