all by myself

Mum and Dad left for the coast today for 3 months of whitebaiting and raining lol…so its back to just me and the kids again and its way to quiet around here. in case i didnt mention it before my parents live with me, when their home that is…they travel quite a bit, have a bach in haast as well as a caravan on some farm down the Lewis pass.

its going to be a bit lonely around here without them around but at least i might find a bit more time to scrapbooking lol.

meantime i still havent got on with the monthly challenge, i still cant find the one photo i need…but then i havent really made a huge effort to look for it either, i have a vague idea which disk its on i am just not sure where that disk is…tomorrow i look….make that whole effort thing…i’ve just been running around like a mad thing this last week…never seemed to stop but now that Jodi is working (he started yesterday at Countdown YAY) and Mum and Dad have gone things should settle down into a nice dull routine…the only things i have to do is take Katie swimming on Tuesday and Thursday…the rest of the week is flexible and all up to me to work around Katies routine which i am getting stricker on with the hope that sometime in the next 3 months she will sleep though the night and i can start weaning her onto a bottle.

well i am off to watch the movie…doubt i will last long…i am sooo tired tonight.


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