ideas bursting out of my head

I have a hundred and one ideas buzzing around my head at the moment….but everytime i sit down to scrapbook something comes up sigh….i would love a day off where nothing or no one would need me…lol…like thats gonna happen! so now its time for me to go and sort out the buttons for this months scrapbook essentials secret swap and find the photos for the monthly challenge…i dont think i have unpacked all the disks of photos yet, at least i hope not….i need some of the older ones…baby photos of the boys and i really dont want to fight with the scanner again…that thing hates me i swear it does! it sees me coming and thinks to its self…”ha here she comes time to stop working” lol…i brought a 3 in 1 a month or so ago and cant get the hang of it..i can print and copy but the scanner just wont go…it hates me!

 ok this isnt getting things done…i’ll be back,…you have been warned!! lol


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