peace at last

3 hours past her normal bed time i have finally got Katie to sleep. she just did not want to go to bed tonight. its times like this that i think to myself i am way to old for this but who could resist that beautiful smile? shes so sweet.

so there goes another weekend thats disappeared. on the upside…Jodi is coming home for good next saturday…it took him a week back up north to realise that he didnt want to be there, he misses family around him so hes coming home YAY! 17 is to young to leave home.

my brother and wife and daughter were over from Blenhiem for the weekend…it was great to see them, we are close and hes fun to spar with. this is what i missed the most when i was living up north…spending family time with my brothers and the various neices and nephews i have…

so i have been offering a job doing some private computer training with a guy in town…i just dont see where i am going to have time to do it…Katie is a full time job and i dont want to put her in daycare plus shes still fully breastfeed so i cant just leave her with anyone. and i dont want to get back into training…it doesnt appeal to me at all. i told the guy i would think about it but he wants a lot of work. i will need to give him an answer tomorrow. the answer is gonna have to be no i just dont have the time.

anyways i need sleep…i’m stuffed and more than a little down tonight…tiredness more than anything


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