another weekend shot

It’s just been me and Katie home this weekend. Mum, Dad and Steve went down to the farm where my folks keep their caravan. its down toward the Lewis Pass somewhere, I’ve never been there…this whole great outdoors thing is not for me…if there is no running water and inside toilet then count me out lol

so what did I do this weekend? bugga all really…Katie and I lay in my bed until 11 am yesterday and played silly games of peek a boo and tickles…it was the first time in ages where i could just relax and just spend time with her with no one around and it was a treasure.

when we finally got moving we went into town and i picked up a few stamps, I’ve discovered embossing…hmmm is this a good thing? I splurged on a heat gun and embossing powder on wednesday and have done nothing but play since…I need more stamps to really get to know what i am doing.

i did plan to scrapbook this weekend but never got there…i was busy spending time with my angel and just enjoying it. it was wonderful….

and now its almost over, the family will be home any moment and Katie is just waking up from her nap…and I havent even been into my little scrapbook corner at all…never mind…somethings are so much more important…like my beautiful giggling little lady.


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