an angel and me

welcome to my little corner of the blog world. may not be exciting but its mine.

so a little about me…

  • I’m 37 years old
  • a born and bred Kiwi girl
  • mother of 3, 2 teenage boys (Jodi 17 and Steve 14) and a 7 month old daughter (Katie)
  • a widow of sorts…I lost my partner a few years ago
  • Love scrapbooking, music and reading fantasy books
  • Have a huge family, 3 brothers, a sister, 11 nieces and nephews and parents in their early 60’s who live with me
  • about to become a great aunt any day now
  • no pets except my teenagers lol

for the most part this blog is a little step into my life and my scrapbooking obsession…i cant just call it a hobby, being a scrapbooker makes you look at the world in a whole different way. even the most mundane thing can take on a whole new meaning.

so anyway there is more than to me than scrapbooking but that will surface as life goes on….meantime…my life is hectic for the most part…having a baby keeps it that way but life in this house revolves around my wee angel…after so many years of wanting a daughter and thinking it would never happen…well along comes Katie at the least expected time. she may not have been expected but she is very much wanted and we all love her to bits…the boys adore their wee sister!

well anyways i am back to watching a bit of tv and planning my next big scrapbooking project….3 canvas’s to hang on my wall….3 canvas’s for my 3 angels! I saw it in a magazine and thought i would give it a shot..i also need to get the month challenge finished for the best forum on the net Scrapbook Essentials this is the first challenge I have done so will be interesting.

I’ll finish setting this blog up properly tomorrow or some other time…tired now



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